Intermediate English Vol.A 4.0

Intermediate English Vol.A 4.0



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Expand your Conversation Skills!?
Intermediate Conversation introduces a series of new tenses and more difficult vocabulary.?

This course challenges students to build longer, more personal sentences and practice using prepositional phrases, adverbs and time references to make questions and answers more specific.?

Students also learn how to understand and fluently use everyday expressions, slang and idioms.
Students at this level are encouraged to really focus on their confidence and fluency.


Your Result

Upon completion of this course, you"ll be able to speak English fluently and confidently at the intermediate level

* Converse with foreigners with more self-assurance
* Learn more complex everyday expressions
* Ask and answer specific questions about people"s experiences
* Confidently describe future plans and activities
* Talk about your past and present with ease
* Use correct accent, intonation and conviction
* Do all of this and more with confidence!


Vol A - Using Nouns, Adjectives and Prepositional Phrases

01.Asking questions with Have been + noun
02.Answering Yes to questions with Have been + noun
03.Answering No to questions with Have been + noun
04.Asking questions with Have been + adjective
05.Answering Yes to questions with Have been + adjective
06.Answering No to questions with Have been + adjective
07.Asking questions with Have been + prepositional phrase
08.Answering Yes to questions with Have been + prepositional phrase
09.Answering No to questions with Have been + prepositional phrase
10.Asking questions with How Long Have Been + Noun, Adj, or Prep. Phrase
11.Answers with Have Been + Noun, Adj, or Prep. Phrase + For
12.Answers with Have Been + Noun, Adj, or Prep. Phrase+ Since
13.Asking questions with Have Ever Been + Noun, Adj, or Prep. Phrase
14.Answering No to questions with Have Never Been + Noun, Adj, Prep. Phrase
15.Asking questions with Have been + "ing" verb
16.Answering Yes to questions with Have Been + "ing" verb
17.Answering No to questions with Have Been + "ing" verb
18.Asking questions with Have + PP
19.Answering Yes to questions with Have + PP
20.Answering No to questions with Have + PP
21.Asking questions with Have Ever + PP
22.Answering No to questions with Have Never + PP

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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